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Welcome to Event Stylist Ibiza!

At Event Stylist Ibiza, we believe that every event is a canvas waiting to be painted with elegance, beauty, and creativity. We are a passionate husband and wife team, Katie and Danny, dedicated to turning your special occasions into unforgettable experiences through our expertise in floral design and event styling.

Katie, the artistic soul behind Event Stylist Ibiza, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for aesthetics to every project. Having honed her craft at world-renowned institutions such as McQueens Flower School and Madrid Flower School, Katie’s talent is evident in the exquisite floral arrangements and designs she curates. Her ability to blend colors, textures, and shapes creates a symphony of visual delight, transforming ordinary spaces into enchanting wonderlands.

Assisting Katie in bringing these visions to life is Danny, the logistical mastermind of Event Stylist Ibiza. With a background in event planning and project management, Danny ensures that the planning process is seamless and stress-free. His dedication to providing exceptional service, coupled with his commitment to bringing your vision to reality, guarantees that your event will unfold flawlessly.

We invite you to explore our portfolio and discover the magic that Event Stylist Ibiza can bring to your next event. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, let us be your partners in creating an experience that will be etched in your heart and the hearts of your guests forever.

Thank you for considering Event Stylist Ibiza as your creative collaborators. We look forward to bringing beauty, elegance, and joy to your special day.

The Event Stylist Ibiza